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Higher Ground Discipleship SEries

The Christian life does not stop with belief and baptism. Our Higher Ground discipleship series is built upon mentor-based relationships.
We strongly believe that people disciple people and it usually happens in small numbers. Higher Ground is segmented into short, manageable areas of focus.


In order to continue following Jesus in the midst of this chaotic world, the Christian life must first have an indestructible foundation. This study tracks the fundamentals of salvation, using Solid by John Myer. It surveys the pertinent Bible verses that illuminate the uniqueness of Christ, what it means to be saved, how to be saved, how to know for sure you are saved, and how to know you will be saved forever. 


Christians need a dynamic devotional relationship with our highly relational Savior God. This practice-oriented discipleship will help a person develop the habit of spiritual self-feeding. It utilizes the workbook Presence by John Myer and Seth Evans which focuses on spending time in the presence of God through prayer and the Word. 

Survey of the NT

As a people who derive truth from the Scriptures, it goes without saying that we should make it our business to understand the Bible! This survey by John Myer assists not only in reading the New Testament, but also in learning the theological point of each book. The emphasis here is upon enrichment and education. 

Life Shapes

The overall goal of discipleship is to have your life shaped by Jesus Christ and to then help others be conformed to His image. Utilizing the book Building a Discipleship Culture by Mike Breen and other supplemental tools, you will learn, implement, practice teaching, and then look to disciples others into a holistic lifestyle growing into the image of Christ. 

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For over 30 years, John Myer has taught the Bible at home and abroad, from kitchen tables to large conferences. He has a special interest in simpler, smaller settings where grass roots spirituality often thrives.  John has led congregations, conducted ministry training, and participated in global missions. John has a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Below are some of the resources by John Myer found on his webpage that will help you grow root, shoot, and fruit in your personal and corporate Christian life.

Loving the truth even when it hurts. The weekly blog writings of John Myer and the sermon transcripts from many of the church's sermons.

Alive on the Inside

This book offers an internal snapshot of the newly enlivened spirit of a Christian – conscience, worship, and intuition – guiding you through its manifold blessings and challenges. 


When Word and prayer come together, doctrine dances, and spirituality becomes intelligent.  This workbook introduces the exercise of praying the Scriptures for maximum spiritual effect. 


Seasoned Christians will find this book an illuminating refresher course. New believers will find it helpful in laying a foundation concerning the uniqueness of the Savior and what salvation means, how to get it, the assurance of having it, and the guarantee of keeping it forever. 

Shopping Vs Seeking

When guided by ill-informed personal criteria and faced with a bewildering array of choices, the end of a church hunt can seem just as empty as the beginning. But there is hope. Equipped with a few sound guideposts, healthy fellowship is not impossible to find. 

Keep Growing

Explore the 5 key aspects of discipleship and how they can become a guiding light for healthy spiritual growth. Discover common pitfalls that will stop your growth in Christ dead in its tracks (and how to avoid them) .


Momentum gives good reasons for settling down with other believers, putting a stop to wandering from one congregation to another, and being about the business of serious Christian development. 

Contains No Sugar

Those who are just beginning to navigate leadership roles in the church usually pay attention to critical big box items like vision, style, and methods. Meanwhile, a multitude of smaller issues that go undetected may be undermining their service.